when I get spinner

yesterday I went to cut my hair and and going to the part that they cut my hair we my mother and me go to on store that looks very good so when we enter I see one like kind of toy that is made to entretain with it so i ask my mom tha if I can buy it and she said that yes so when we where going to buy it my mom just bring money for the cut of my hair so we cant buy it, so I say my mom that if we can come after cuting my hair and she said that yes so when we finish cuting my hair we go to my house to take the money to buy it. when we got to that store there where a lot of different types of spinners but I chose one that his color is wopd and I like it a lot and I feel very happy and after I alreaduy have it I play with my spinner the rest of the whole day. and my spinner was like this one just that in       color wood.

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